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THE Best scent there is.

Grower has been my favorite scent for a while now. It smells like you are in an apple orchard.


Love the smell and feel of my beard, was However a little disappointed that the wash had opened up in transit luckily very little leaked out

Mystery CBD

Great products!. I have ordered 2 different mystery oil and butter and both times I got the same butter and oil. Wish you would send Same butter to match the oil in the purchased products .

All time favorite oil/balm scent.

Absolutely the best, hands down. The scent is like a fresh apple orchard.

Great butter, strong smell

The butter is great for what it does. Quality ingredients. The fragrance for me is too strong, however, the end result is fantastic.

New staple!

The Grower is amazing. I was on the fence about ordering a bottle, now that I have, it will be a staple for me glong forward. The scent is amazing, and feels great in the beard. I love this product!!

Honey Apple smellilng bliss

In addition to the great quality product, the scent profile here is outstanding.
Great product.

Best scent I’ve tried


Smells So Good I Could Eat It, But Don't!

The Baker smells amazing and makes your beard feel so much better! I cannot recommend this scent enough!

Excellent oil!

Nice scent and great feeling!

The Grower CBD

This product is amazing. I’m definitely going to have to make more purchases once this runs out. I can’t wait to try other scent profiles

A great catch!

The Angler is one of my favorite CBD Fable scents and it’s finally here in the deodorant option. This is a great product and I’d recommend Fable’s deodorants to anyone! Grab it today!

I cannot describe accurately how amazing this smells

The whole Baker line is my favorite of all Fable scents, think of walking into a bakery while they are baking fresh cinnamon rolls. But you also get a hit of fresh baked bread. I get so many compliments on it. But back to the deodorant, it is wonderful! I build cabinets in a hot sweaty shop, and also work weekends at a Zoo, no matter hot hot and humid here is the South, I still smell amazing! If your thinking about giving it a try, you really need to, I now have about 20 scents of the deodorant and it is some of the best I have used, it last all day with me, which can be 11 hours some days

Get Baked with the Baker

This stuff smells just like it's described, like walking into a bread store where maybe they made some cinnamon bread at somepoint during the day! It smells fantastic and works great on your beard too!

Baker beard oil

Had to restock again on this scent! It’s one of my favorites and smells exactly like cinnamon rolls mmmmmm!

Clean cologne, with sea spray

This is such a great scent, think of putting on a nice clean smelling cologne and walking down the beach of a island on a bright summer day with the wind and waves giving you a nice sea mist to join in with the scent. Plus CBD to make my beard super soft and manageable.

Mystery CBD Beard Oil
Jeffery Saylor
Mystery oil

Yeti was the mystery oil I received. Love the iced berry scent! The CBD oils are noticeably the best Fable offers. The feel and the scent are out of this world!

Love it!!

I love the scent profile, and feel in beard. This oil makes my beard feels super soft. It may be the CBD in it...but it works!

Light Smelling, love the CBD.

I wear this oil to bed. The scent is light enough that it doesn’t overwhelm me while I sleep. The CBD line is great in helping my beard soften up. Fable products have become my favorite.

The Grower oil & butter

Love the feel in beard, scent is great, & all around amazing customer service. Fable is Top 3 for my white beard

Fantastic beard oil

The mystery oil was awesome. Fable beard oil has become my go to beard oil. I ordered every beard oil Dan C recommended (best of 2022) and the one oil that stands out to me is Fable CBD oil. I have 4 different scents some I like more than others but that's personal preference. Great beard oil I highly recommend

Feels amazing in beard

This is hands down the best smelling and the best feel in beard product I have ever purchased. It leaves my beard feeling great and soft all day. The scent is not overpowering but it does last all day. The wife loves the scent which is a huge plus.

The Loan Shark

This scent is really one of the best I've ever had. Hard to pinpoint. I get great compliments about this one! You gotta have this one!

The Cupid - Love Machine Musk CBD Infused Beard Oil
Casey Vaughn
I love The Cupid

The Cupid is one of Fable's best scented beard oils and it should be a mainstay. It would be a regular in my beard oil rotation.

"The Grower" - My #1 beard oil scent

The "GROWER" is my #1 beard oil scent. Yes, it feels good in beard and on my skin. Yes, it relaxes my beard hair. And yes - it smells like your walking through an apple orchard. I love this stuff !!