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Great scent and does wonders for beard health

Dox helps

I enjoy this in the evening so far it really does help me unwind and relax also sleep a little better. I will try during the day but waiting for a day off to do so. Thanks Mr wizard

Great product

I'm pleased to recommend Fable CBD, or, as I like to call it, happy oil. I use CBD for relaxation, better sleep and, occasionally, anxiety management. This CBD gives a sense of being relaxed without being drowsy, and I use significantly less than the suggested dose. I'm pleased with it and will order it again.

The Herbalist Oil and Butter

Really liked both of these products. I used the oil in the morning after my shower and the butter at night before bead. My beard is really soft and for being unscented the base carrier oils really come together with a pleasing and subtle fragrance. The only thing I will note is the butter is a bit stiff and gritty in the jar but does emulsify nicely little effort. My beard loves them both.

Calm Days & Easier Sleep

I bought this to try out, since I havenโ€™t had any CBD for quite some time. I started taking 2 doses (1 dropper in AM & 1 in PM). I noted after a day or so that I was a lot calmer durning my work (from home) and falling to sleep easier. And if I missed a dose, it was very apparent. Great product and Iโ€™ll be ordering again soon. Iโ€™m almost out, and I canโ€™t have that. ๐Ÿ˜

Love it

Makes my husband beard smell delicious and look healthy!

Taste great

This is my first time trying this and the taste is great


I ordered the Angler oil/butter and a "mystery" butter. The mystery butter was the Roaster. I've never considered a coffee scent because it just didn't seem to fit my taste. BUT, this scent totally changed my mind! It's such a rich complex scent, so delicious. I've used Fable's cbd products for a while now and the quality and feel in beard is super. The cbd butter works wonders on my head after I shave my head. Eliminates any and all irritation! Just great all around!

Game changer!

1st time using a CBD oil in beard, and I gotta say the results were pretty unexpected. My beard has never felt softer or more manageable. And it smells like granny smith apples. Definitely gonna be another order in my future.

The Grower, is my favorite!

The Grower, is my favorite of all the products I own so far. Smells like taking a bite out of the freshest apple. Leaves my face and hair feeling soft n fresh also. ๐Ÿ‘

Best beard oil ever

Love the scent and the way it makes my beard feel.


I love it, the smell last a long time. Makes me want to bite my husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

Doc Vox Is Great !!!

I have been using Doc Vox for about a week now...This the best CBD oil I have ever tried so far and I tried many...It just makes me feel better especially in my joints.. The taste of Doc Vox citrus punch is great !!! Best tasting of all CBD oil I have ever used .. Can't wait to try the other flavors and "The Chemist " too !!

Good as described

Like usual, an A+ from Fable


This smells like the coffeeshop of my dreams versus the gastrointestinal slam dance that always accompanied a StarB#cks trip. Reminicint of roasting beans and Carmel, much nicer than the college student Karen on a bender smell of the other place, brava!! ๐Ÿ˜

The Baker - Fresh Baked CBD Infused Beard Oil

Great product

Great product great scent. Beard feels refreshed and the scent lasts for most my work day and is not overpowering.

Great stuff

My 4th oil from Fable and I love it as well as the others. Fable is a great company, with awesome products and service. Love the social media presence and involvement in the beard community. The Grower oil smells great, like you just bit into a fresh pear. Makes my beard feel really good and healthy. Top notch oil from a top notch company.

First CBD order

This was my first CBD order and The Grower is AMAZING!!! The scent profile is great and my beard has never been softer. Thanks for making amazing products Fable!

Refreshingly Clean

The Angler oil/butter is a refreshing scent. Not sweet, not overly cologne-ish and not overpowering. Just a very clean scent that just about anyone would enjoy. The added benefit of having cbd in it is awesome for my beard and head.. The butter is phenomenal for after I shave my head. Eliminates any and all irritation from the razor. Would've liked a dropper top for the oil, but that's no biggie

Mystery CBD Butter

I ordered some CBD tinctures and also selected the mystery CBD butter. I received The Grower which is an Apple/oud scent and I absolutely love it. The scent last all day and leaves my beard pleasantly soft. Just another one of many scents that Fable offers.

Top quality beard butter

This is some good beard butter. The scent is amazing. Imagine slicing into a fresh apple combined with a subtle floral aroma. Its really quite amazing. The butter has a bit of a thicker consistency likely cause of the beeswax, but the hold it gives my beard is just right. Not too constricting but just enough to tame those strays and give me a nice smooth look all day. I really like what this company is doing. Will definitely buy again.

IndianaBrandon- AMAZING!!

This is an absolutely amazing amazing combo!! It leaves my beard ridiculously soft & just as amazing if not a little better is the scent!! Home run!! Definitely in my top 3!

First time CBD user

Only been using for a week now (twice daily) but I've noticed I feel more calm and joint pain has been noticeably reduced.

Omg love

Ok so my husband does not use this one. Itโ€™s all me the wife. I have upper dry skin and I actually use this as a lotion on those really dry spots. And I love it. I also put it in my hair but I love to use the butter as a lotion the most. So far fable is my favorite care company. The CBD line is one of my favorites so far.