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Bubbles The Clown - Cotton Candy Cologne CBD Infused Beard Oil
Should be in the main line up

Just awesome

The Yetti

I really like the scent and of course the product is great as always. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it is a little strong for me.

Even better than I expected!

This stuff smells amazing and my beard feels incredible!

Mystery Gift (CBD)
Aaron Hansen
My love for Fable Grew

My mystery cbd gift was a bottle of The Grower which was perfect since it's my favorite cbd scent next to witch doctor and zombie hunter. I was happy with the gift!

The Lifeguard - Pinapple Beach Patrol CBD Infused Beard Oil
Aaron Hansen
Lifeguard couldn't save itself

It wasn't bad at all but it was just too "bright" with heavy pineapple scent. Made me sneeze alot. So I will not be getting that one again. For CBD I'll stick to the Grower and Witch Doctor

Nice smell

This is a great product. It smells great and feels good. Only issue is it takes too long for products to ship. And it’s not the holiday all the time. Other than that products are great.

Mike Schafer

This is one of my my new favorites now the scent of fresh apples is amazing the way the oil and butter makes my beard feel is phenomenal 2 five star ratings for this guy buy it you won't be disappointed

Love it!

My all time favorite beard oil is The Yeti. To me it is the penultimate winter beard product.

My favorite scent

This is in my opinion the best beard oil scent ever made. All the smells just come together so well. In addition the CBD makes my beard so soft and makes my face feel great all day.

Mystery Gift (CBD)

Nice scent, I like it

Great product

I was introduced to your products about two years ago. The shine and the fragrance it gives my beard is why I keep coming back. I’ve tried quite a few different products but yours by far is the best!!

Mystery Gift (CBD)
Michael Quintas

Love it

The Grower - Farmstead Oud CBD Infused Beard Oil

Oceanic CBD Beard Oil

5 stars! Pleasant aroma…. My wife loves it!

The Master Barber



Very nice subtle apple smell. Personally enjoy smelling this in my beard. Good job!

Incredible pure apple smell

Always an excellent choice

I just started using this product and I must say it is excellent.
I used to have face itch and this oil has cured me. My beard is growing more evenly so far. Yet to be seen in 3 months. Thank you for a great product

👍 😎
No disappointment here


Beard seems thicker, smells good

Bubbles The Clown - Cotton Candy Cologne CBD Infused Beard Oil
Jeffrey P
Sweet smell strong scent

I like this scent it’s a little string and keeps going but I am happy with it and keeps my skin soft and itch less all day. Very good oil and smell to go with the cool design and story for the character

How about them apples?

The Grower has become a new mainstay in my beard care routine. I’d use it for the amazing fresh apple scent alone! Scent aside, the beard oil has done wonders for both the skin under my beard and the butter nourishes my beard while taming fly aways. I love the all natural ingredients and will probably not go back to non-CBD oils after my experience with the Grower.

Bubbles The Clown - Cotton Candy Cologne CBD Infused Beard Oil
Daniel Cox

My girl keeps trying to eat my face 😉

Mystery Gift (CBD)
Marcus Dale

Mystery Gift (CBD)