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My favorite beard oil

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Most compliments ever...

Hi! Simply put, The Roaster is the best.
1. Longest lasting scent.
2. Most compliments on my beard of anything I've tried.

Smells amazing

This is one of my favorite beard oils The smell is just amazing

Great smell, and softens beard

This one has a 'Christmas-y' smell that my wife loves. It has definitely helped to soften my beard. However, for how expensive it is, I was surprised that it doesn't help with stimulating growth as much as another CBD product I've used in the past--the formula maybe needs higher concentration of CBD for growth stimulation.

Zombie Hunter

I really like this one and it has been added to my regular rotation. I would definitely recommend...

Witch doctor balm

Works and smells great

Zombie Hunting Hit

Imagine setting aside the tired shotgun, setting back in the rocker, and slicing an apple to refresh you after a day of zombie slaying. All the while, that pipe on the table is calling your name.
That's what you get with the amazing Zombie Hunter. Hosting a spectacular subtle scent that lasts the work day, it's no wonder why I fell in love with my first CBD butter.

The Baker!

Amazing scent!!! I’m just upset I didn’t buy it sooner!

Wake up with The Roaster!

Very strong coffee smell that helps perk me up in the morning. If you like coffee, this is definitely a winner.

Mystery oil

Got the lifeguard oil smells pretty good

One Word: Amazing!

One of the best scents I have ever bought and this stuff makes your beard super soft. Love it!

Witch doctor oil and butter

By far one of my favorite scents

One Word: Amazing!

This product is a must have if you are serious about taking care of your beard! This was my first CBD beard product I tried and it makes my beard so soft and the scent profile is top notch! It is my new go to beard product on my counter and I have a lot of them.

Christmas In July Free Mystery Gift! ($18-$50 Value)
Darrian Bennett
Nice added bonus

New to fable, and ordered from their cbd line. Got the nut cracker deodorant for the Christmas in July. Definitely looking forward to trying some other winter scents now.

Edgar T

Love the scent leaves beard super soft and feels great.

I love it

I really like this CBD oil smells good and feel good on beard really relaxing.

Christmas In July Free Mystery Gift! ($18-$50 Value)
Sean Burns

Christmas In July Free Mystery Gift! ($18-$50 Value)

Great scent

The scent is strong, but not overpowering and the best part is my wife loves it. She’s hoping that you come out with a spiced grapefruit one soon. I definitely recommend this scent and the CBD helps with my beard dandruff.

The Creator - Honey Apple Influence CBD Infused Beard Oil

It was a mystery.

I got one i was after 4 cheap. Cant beat that with a dowsing rod.

Great oil

Great scent, can actually smell the slight Smokey smell with the mango and feels great in beard. First cbd products I’ve tried and will definitely be buying more


This oil and beard butter has got to be one of my all time favorites from Fable. I love the smell profile!

Best quality I’ve ever found

I love this beard wash. A small amount goes a long way, and it smells, and feels amazing.

Great coffee scent

Great scent from this one. Not to strong and lasts most of the day.