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Best barbershop scent

Best barbershop scent I’ve tried and the feel in beard is amazing leaves my beard soft and skin nourished definitely a must have

This is a nice mango scent. I don't typically like a scent profile like this, but it is starting to change my mind.

My New Favorite Scent!

This scent is amazing! It lasts hours and makes my beard super soft. DEFINITELY recommend picking up the Loan Shark!

Great smell!

I was nervous about this scent based on reviews not gonna lie. But I'm glad I bought it anyway smells really good and the wife really likes it! (Also the scent stays in beard for a long time)

This company is beyond the best!!!

All I can say is the Wizard & Princess along with all there INCREDIBLE PRODUCTS are across the board AMAZING!!! I have been using there products for years & I can promise you that there is a scent out there for yeah with this company & they 100 percent back there products… take a chance & you will be hooked… they always are coming up with incredible scents year around. Right when you start getting tiered of the scent your wearing they have new scents to choose from. They know how to make REAL DEAL PRODUCTS!

Different than expected, but still good.

Was surprised by the scent of this bottle. The apple and pear scent is VERY strong up front. I was hoping for milder with more mixes of the spices and Oud than the fruity floral.

Mystery CBD Beard Oil
jennifer White

Mystery CBD Beard Oil


Nice and sweet!!

Love this stuff

Favorite scent and I've ordered 3 times now & will continue to order this one. Amazing 🤘🔥


Love the smell of this combo. Both leave my beard feeling soft and smooth.

Definitely My Favorite Scent

I was bummed the first time I heard of the Witch Doctor because it had been back when it was just a Halloween scent. I had been ecstatic to see it had returned under the CBD oil. This is the second time I have ordered it this year and it will not be the last.


Love the grower. One of my favorites!

Fantastic scent

This scent is absolutely fantastic.
Love the feel in my beard

Amazing fresh apple scent

I will admit, the oud wasnt very prevalent but that fresh apple scent has absolutely amazing. This is a must try for the CBD line.

Goes great with any scented oil.

Fantastic Balm that I use almost daily. Does not cancel out the great scents of any beard oil that you choose. Great hold without it being too greasy/oily. My beard rarely itches so I am unsure how the CBD helps, but its the hot thing right now and it cant hurt, right? Keep up the great work, you guys are awesome.


Probably my favorite Barber Shop scent at this time. There's a lot out there, but this one is something super special. Thanks for another quality product!


This scent really does remind me of my local barbershop. Another great pick up from Fable. Going to need more shelves to store all my Fable beard oils.

A wife's perspective

This smell is amazing! It is bright and clean. It lasts all day long. It smells so good with a hind of man floral!

The Grower

Wow....don’t think there is anything else I can say. The smell, the feel in beard, simply amazing.

Nice and light scent

This has a nice scent, not overpowering. Smells like a clean soap and talcum. I have no idea about CBD, but like all of Fable Beards butters it makes my beard feel very soft. If you want a stronger scent I recommend The Barber.

Master Barber of the universe

Love the scent very unique compare to some other barber scent which I’m not really a fan of barber scent but still like them and the drawing is phenomenal Tnx

It ok

I was thinking a barbershop scent with a twist because the futuristic part,  Me not really reading the scent profile I just ordered it super fast because of the BOGO free deal plus I've been waiting for Fable to release more cbd scents. I'm not really a fan of barbershop scents especially the ones with that soapy smell to it. I might gift this to a friend so it don't go to waste .

Smells amazing

To me the CBD oils smell last longer and stronger! Smells like an actually apple orchard!