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Can’t believe I waited so long.

First time trying out this company and I must cay this cbd oil for the beard is on a whole new level customer for life!!!!!!!

Best one so far.

It smells like fresh baked snicker doodle cookies in a really good way. Scent last a really long time.

The King

Great taste and works very well!

Surprisingly mild

Solid, and a bit long lasting

Awesome Scent

This scent is great and I love all of the CBD oils I've gotten from here. Would definitely buy again.

Aloha Santa

I’m a professional Santa and I know of several Clausian Brothers that just LOVE and use your product! Count me as one too! If Santa takes 11mo that off he’s treating his beard with your Lifeguard Pineapple Beach Patrol Beard Butter! Goes on easy, nourishes your whiskers and there’s no doubt even Santa deserved to chill out in the off season 5 Stars from this Claus!!

Beach patrol is great

I love the scent of the new beach patrol, I think it’s actually my new favorite. Gonna have to stock up on this stuff.

Loved the scent. Would like to see it also available in the non CBD line.

The lifeguard

Has a very tropical smell about it, mostly favors pineapple. Very good summer scent I love it.

Strong Pineapple Scent

I really like this one. It gives me a tropical getaway feel. I highly recommend trying this scent while you can.

Smells delicious

Makes me want to eat my beard and my girlfriend won't stop sniffing me.

My first CBD oil

I decided to try out this company & CBD oil for the first time during the anniversary sale. I wanted a different oil to mix in & my beard is definitely softer. I've only tried a couple coffee scents & this is my favorite due to the sweetness.

Great scent

I decided to try out a few scents during a BOGO sale. This is one of my favorites. The oil is a little thicker than others I use and it covers the beard nicely. I already got some other scents to try, but will definitely get The Creator again.

The Grower

The Grower is an absolute MUST have in your lineup! My shelf will always be stocked with the Grower!

Great products

Amazing company. They’re so good overall

The Angler

Smells like the Shark only with CBD.

Smoked Mango Madness is the Bomb!

I absolutely love the Smoked Mango Madness line. I bought the Co-Wash and Beard Butter and they are amazing! Fable keeps upping their game. You definitely need to try this scent.

The Loan Shark - Iced Berry Cologne CBD Beard Butter


One of my top favorite from fable. The angler and the witch doctor battle for top but I’m not sure if you can beat the amazing scent of the mango in the witch doctor 🤤

CBD Beard Oil…..Fantastic !

Love the aroma!

Husband loves it

Light scent. Not greasy, not heavy. High quality

The best yet!!!

My wife loves this one, and that is a great thing.

Believe the hype!

This scent takes me to an apple Orchard. Walking around the rows of trees with my wife while she holds the pole to grab the apples and I hold the basket of apples. It's not a scent but an experience 12/10 will buy again!

Fresh Baked!

Cinnamon, sugar, bread, what’s not to love?! Such an awesome blend and it meshes nicely with my goatee.

I wanted to eat my beard

Of all the oils I’ve tried, Fable’s maintain their scents longest throughout the day. This scent is primarily a warm vanilla. If that’s what you’re looking for, there’s no better place in my opinion. Also left my beard feeling softer after just 2 days of use!